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I recently had by rotors and brakes replaced by pep boys in San Carlos, CA.Immediately after I took the car home it started making a metal scraping sound coming from the rotors/brakes they just replaced.

When I went back down to ask them to just look at it to see if something was loose the service advisor told me I needed a new axle without even looking at the car!

He said it was a coincidence that my axle is now bad immediately after they touched my car.

Don't do business with them, they are not skilled workers and do not own up to their mistakes costing the customer a lot of money time and stress.

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Pep Boys upper management has it store managers adjust the time clocks so that the people get paid less money.

Management steals from employees!

When I brought this to Stewart at Corporate Loss Prevention, They Closed Ranks and denied everything!


:upset huh im soo happy i decided to read the reviews..this is what happens when you rip good folks off PEP BOYS EVERYTHING FOR LESS!!

a person like myself with cash in hand? will not be even going around that store im going somewhere else..

even if i have to drive 100 miles.even my 10 yrold says you suck "so now we laugh at you hahahahhahahaha!!!


Some options: 1.You can take them to small claims court, no lawer needed.

2. File a complaint with your state attorney generals office. 3.

File with the BBB.It wont help you but it might cause them some business when it gets around town.


Our truck broke down 2 hours away from home. It was towed to Pepboys and we were stranded for one week. We were told the diagnostic test showed it had a bad fuel pump. Having no choice, we had them fix it for $880.

The only call we received from them was to tell us the cost. We called repeatedly to check on the truck and always encountered long hold times just to be told it wasn't ready yet.

Finally, when we called they said it had been done earlier that day. (of course no phone call) We rushed to pick it up and the car was worse than when it went in.

They never once told us that the main problem was the transmission. We assume it's because they don't fix transmissions but wanted to get something out of us.

Perhaps the fuel pump could have waited to be fixed, we'll never know because when we asked for the old parts they refused to give them to us.

After complaining of the poor service, I escalated the call to a manager who promised to pay us half back. When we tried to collect the $440, he wouldn't give it to us. We have not received one dime and now also are out $2400 for a new transmission.


I recently started experiencing tire related issues and went to the pep boys on jamaica ave in queens new york.The service there seemed fair.

It was my second visit and although the rep tried to get me to change all my tires and i went somewhere else they told me @ least 2 needed to be changed. I paid for an evaluation and bought an air filter for my vehicle but the guy chraged me for installation . its a good thing i caught it because i was able to call him the next day and went right back in for a credit.

when i called him he said he remembered and that he didnt charge me but i gave him the receipt number and he confirmed it.So shoppers be aware "Check your RECEIPTS"


:sigh I always go to Pepboys.I love my old Toyota 93' and the engine runs great.My recent visit(Jan2010) was for a horrible sound coming from underneath as I excelerated.

I quickly shot over there. I expressed my concern.I got there at 2:15pm; was told what was wrong. I got it fixed. On my way home at 5:30pm I have a new noise totally different from the first,coming from a different area.

I took it back the next day. According to them I need to replace my axel. I wanted an answer as to how they can explain that I did't drive in there with that problem, drove away from their shop with it. Another mechanic puts his two cents( thats all it was worth)in.

He says I told them the shocks are bad. I was just in shock. Are these people ripping me off! I don't know what to do.

I have my reciepts saved so while waiting I went through them. They had serviced the same area and chared me the same item back in April of 09'. I also noticed that when they itemized I couldn't tell which side I purchased. I needed a tie rod but which?

lert or righ. They serviced my left but it didn't specify on the work order or anywhere. It's too bad for the investors and mechanics who are humble. I do believe there are good people,but I also believe there are bad, greedy people.

I just want to say.Don't *** the had that feeds you.


My car transmission light was on.I took my car to pep boys.

I was advised the CAT was bad and recommended to replace the CAT and spark plugs. I was also told that the repair would be about $1000. I was recommended that I leave my car in their parking lot since they did not have the parts and that they would call for the parts next day if I decided to get my car repaired by them.

Luckily, I decided to take my car to my car dealer next day for repair (I thought it was a major repair).In fact, my car just needs a new battery.


most of the parts come from within the store.these are the lowest grade of parts,charged out at an exhorbant price.sure you get a warranty,but it is not worth it


you cannot condemn all pep boys employees by saying that "all are not qualified" i've been working for them for 5 years now and have been a certified mechanic for well over ten years. i do however admit that we do have some less experienced techs, but to imply "all" is very unfair and misleading


I personally have never had any trouble with the auto shop at Pep Boys I have used them for thirty plus years.In fact a couple months ago my wife and minor children was visiting family out of state in Modesto Calif.we live in Arizona to make a long story less long their air conditioner went out while driving through the Mojave desert in the middle of July fortunately next to the Days Inn they was staying in Modesto there was a Pep Boys and after my wife explained their situation of limited funds and a tight time line.

The manager and his mechanic worked for at least a hour on a very busy Saturday to find the most inexpensive compressor in that area they completed the job very timely at very reasonably priced.My hat is off to that crew.Thank you Robert Robinson Chino Valley Arizona :grin :)

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