Henderson, Nevada

I took my car to Pep Boys with a broken engine belt. They said I needed a timing belt (600.00) as well.

Then the car still didn't work. They said we needed a timing cover ($600.00). Then within 5 days the breaks stopped working. We were told $190.00 and that the break pad had fallen off.

Then we were told we needed an alternator, which we never got, but the car continued to work (so we know they lied). They also said we needed rack and pinon power steering work. The car had never in 4 years lost power steering fluid, now within 4 weeks the fluid was gone and the car making terrible sounds. Every time we take the car to them we get a new problem with in a week or so.

The car is worth maybe $1200.00, we are now in over that.

The car belongs to a single mother with a low paying job. Life is very sad in the auto repair business.

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maybe you should have maintained your vehicle as recommended...there's an old saying- pay now or pay later :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


That's ridiculous. You're a *** and you car is certainly a piece of shi*.

Don't blame the service provider because your car is falling apart.


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