Traverse City, Michigan

I was there when my daughter bought the rims and tires. Told her that they didn't have her current size rims -- DIDN'T tell her that the bigger tires and rim would cause problems.

A Guy tried to call on my daughter's behalf because we were bluntly told 3 weeks after the purchase that they weren't taking the rims aqnd tires back. He was told that my daughter insisted on those rims -- I was there and she didn't. We had a local mechanic - a good one - tell us the the tires and rims were too big for her truck. So we tried to sell them - and a pep boys mechanic told a man who owned a Dodge Ram that they wouldn't fit his truck.

And now after she's put over a thousand dollars into her front end (and we are not asking for that back - just the cost of the tires and rims) they want to put the tires and rims that started the problems BACK on her truck to test them. Gee I guess they think that we are all idiots.

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Typical chain store with *** Robots lying jut like Bunk Buy, Walmart, Costco


Is it really necessary to bring race into the topic of this conversation? I fail to see the relativity.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #298842

This is for the two racist mechanics that likes to sell bad parts to uninformed people. I am a white man and so is my daughter.

I will remember when you come into my office with burning urine and i tell you to drink more water. Instead of treating you for chlymidia or gonnoreha and tell you to lose weight.

To be able to see your *** with a magnifing glass. :cry


I am a mechanic. Tires and rims for a truck that are too big can\'t even be put on.

It does not damage a front end. However it does damage transmission and the differential. I have a strong belief the truck needed struts, way bar links, inner and outer tie rods and you were told that at Pep Boys yet declined. If those parts are already bad, new rims and tires can make it worse.

Don\'t be a dishonest man trying to smear a good shops reputation. I deal with dishonest *** like you at my shop on the reg. Good luck.

I agree with the first post. You are most likely a black fool or a dumb ***.


Guess what Mr. Black man or Beaner.

When a customer comes in and demands a product at a major corporation and the sales rep says it's not recommended and the customer still wants it, the company gives it to them but makes a documented report that the sales rep said it was not recommended. Well Mr. Black Man or Wet Back Beaner, you have lost. I bid you a good day.

After market rims are for people that have low self esteem and feel sorry for themselves.

I suggest your daughter loses weight or gets a makeover so guys will drill her so she doesn't have to buy this *** to make her happy. Too bad, so sad, if you have an issue, here's a tissue.

to ***o there Mister Man!!! #723471

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