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While I was at work I had my wife bring my 2004 Saab 9.3 down last week because of the battery kept going dead. Now they told her it was the starter and it had to be replaced, so they were out of starters and they had to order from some dealer and charged me 275.00 for a 95 dollar starter listed on Pep Boys website for 2004 Saab.

She called me after that and I told her not to buy anything else so I called Pep Boys from work and they replace the battery which was $150.00 plus the starter $275.00 and plus labor, so the total was over $600.00 and I just wanted them to charge the battery in the first place!

We have four cars and always go to Pep Boys for car stuff even oil changes but not anymore, I feel they really ripped me off and don't think my family will be visiting the Pep Boys establishment any longer, thanks for the memories. So long.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $550.

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