Orlando, Florida

Pep Boys on L.B. McLoud in Orlando, FL and I'm sure every other Pep Boys out there, work off of commission.

That means they will rip you off and take your money. I took my car in for an oil leak. They claimed to have fixed it for $75 and two days later my oil light went on. I went back and they tried to tell me I needed over $1000 in work on my car.

Being a girl they took advantage of me not knowing much about cars. I took my car somewhere else only to learn nothing they said was wrong was really wrong. It was completely different things that needed fixing.

Never go to any of these car service locations! They suck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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you are correct, they are commissioned employees and like any other sales job they will try to sell you stuff....go to an independent garage that is reputable through personal references...in other words someone that gives a ***


there is a big difference between an oil light and an oil leak. an oil light comes on to warn you of low oil pressure not an oil leak.if you leaked that much oil out of your car in 2 days that your low oil pressure light came on i'm supprised you could see it through all the smoke.


Yea how many miles are on your car?Oh yea for 75 dollars there should be a warranty covering your whole car right?75 dollars is cost for synthetic oil change not a new car warranty

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