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On 9/25/08 I went to Pep Boys for replacement of store-brand tires that wore out after 33,000 miles. The receipt from the original purchase indicated a 60,000 mile warranty. So, I went out of my way for what I expected to be a good pro-ration adjustment.

The warranty on those tires is now 40,000 miles. Most of these tires were not lasting more than that, so the warrantly was adjusted as a result. The service advisor, citing company policy, said that my pro-ration claim was based on the current 40,000 mile warranty, not the 60,000 mile warranty in effect at the time of purchase.

I get that the money at stake is only about $20 per tire. But I'm irritated that they overstated the tire performance, ratchet down the warranty after the fact, and then don't prorate the assorted fees that come with a tire purchase and, at about 50% of the cost of the tire, seem excessive. I filed a complaint on the corporate website; let's see how that goes.

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At pepboys we are trained to take advantage of *** customers. Thats the pepboys way.


Your original reciept has the warranty that they MUST honor. They can't change the warranty mid stream.

And yes Pepboys S U C K S in a big way.


The only crying that will be done will be anyone who takes their car to Pepboys. They Really do S U C K.


Keep complaining.....Pepboys is the Bottom Feeder of the Automotive Industry.


:grin call around anywhere at any tire shop its the same way so grow up and go cry somewhere

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