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Pep Boys in Santee, CA somehow determined that the electrical harness in my Ford Escape was defective. I asked if they had seen this problem previously and they said Yes, twice. I told them I wanted the old harness. Two days and $2400 later the 'problem' was fixed and I got the car and the old harness back. After inspecting the harness I could find NO burned or broken wires. The ONLY 'defect' that I found was a severely corroded terminal. The cost of cleaning or replacing the terminal would not be more than a couple dollars.

So, Pep Boys in Santee California ripped me off to the tune of $2400 simply because they thought is was easier to replace and entire electrical harness than to search for a defective terminal.

I suspect the mechanic needed the work (there weren't many vehicles in the shop at that time) and he probably got a 'nice' bonus for bringing in a $2400 job.

I've NEVER been back to any Pep Boys, and I don't hesitate to let anyone know of their incompetitent mechanics.

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I've seen alot worse, like blowing engines because of a double oil filter o-ring seal and telling the customer the oil was very low when it came in. B S it was their fault nobody else, honesty is NOT the policy. Lets put them Out of business for good the lies, need to stop , NOW



I am a technician and frequently post on other blogs I would like to point out or reference one thing that I have posted,people do not understand the nature of the auto repair business nor do they understand how technicians get paid,google up flat rate pay.I have and will continue to wait for the day when media attention is brought to this industry.I want flat rate pay systems to be made illegal and for consumers to realize that rushing and or being an a##hole to a technician that wants to do the right thing is foolish.Go to indeed .com and look at technicians don't get paid well and read the posts and get on somebody congressman media mogul I don't care who but lets make something happen to fix the problem,consumer gets screwed technician gets screwed dealer/shop make out like the thieves they are and everyone *** but thats it at the end of the day nothing is exposed nothing changed

to kharon2012 Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #903431

I agree,people think that we get paid the shop's hourly rate when it is not even close to it.When the labor for a job is one hour and we get it done in a half hour they only want to pay for the half hour but when we have to deal with a broken bolt or something and it takes us 2 hours to get the 1 hour job done they don't want to hear it.They don't realize that we are working that second hour for free.People pay 7 thousand dollars to have $1500 furnace installed by 2 workers in one day and don't question the labor they are paying but we are the crooks.As far the the guy with the harness,does he even know what he is looking for,Did he cut the cut the harness open?I had a guy come in with a P0420 code and told him he needed a new converter,he said he had never heard of a converter going bad and stormed out of there.Why do people think they know more about cars then we do just because they drive one every day.

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