Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania
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Pep Boys in Sacramento, repaired our car for $619.43 for a new radiator, thermostat and extended labor only 8000 miles later

they want to charge 891.67 for another radiator, another thermostat and all new radiator hoses and heater hoses..........please email me at if you have similar problems i can include when i file complaints......please dont service this business that does bad work and then wont stand behind it when work and parts fail........

also sever differences in parts prices from initial work and new estimate.

i believe they charge whatever they think they can get away with based on the customer in front of them......i will never ever go to this company again or buy parts there.

Monetary Loss: $619.

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"las vegas resident" must be joking right?

The oil change reminder light does not tell you the condition of your engine oil. On most cars, it comes on based purely on mileage.

All that means is that they didn't reset the light.

But if it's not already on, most shops will not reset it. What probably happened was, it wasn't on at the time of the oil change.


I was told by a person in the parking lot at the store in West Springfield on Daggett Dr the Dirstict Mgr sold 20 generators for people without power to one customer all he will do is sell them for a ton of money that is just WRONG, I think its a kick back


They messed up the oil change. My oil warning light came on 1.5 months after the oil change.

Did not have original paperwork on me, if so it be under a gaurantee to do re-do for free. I got recharged for oil change again!

Them sobs! :(

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