Stone Mountain, Georgia
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I bought battery for friend and neighbor who travels extensivly. Although the car is'nt driven many miles, I as a good neighbor starts his car while he travels on buisness.

First the employee gave me a song and dance that I had to come back that evening after they charged up battery and did load test.This is a new policy that never was in effect when I bought batteries from this storein the 90's. When I returned that evening the manager claimed I had abused the battery by not driving the car enough.It seems perfectly obvious to me that once the manager found out that the battery was in a 2001 Lexus LS430, he assumed I could well afford a new battery.

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starting a vehicle without driving it kills batts. Power is drained out of batt to start the car and the alternator replenishes it when the vehicle is DRIVEN, under load, not just "on".

see it all day long with elderly people who dont drive often enough to replenish the 5 starts a week. 2001 Lexus LS430 currently worth $5200 in mint cond with low miles....

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