Panama City, Florida
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The manager at Corpus Christi refused to accept a Pep Boys rebate check saying it was a 3rd party check!!! I did not have a checking account there and this caused the date to expire.

They refuse to do anything about it although I AM A 19 YEAR CUSTOMER of Pep Boys and have never had a problem until now. This town is the most dysfunctional town I have ever seen.

Thievery was so bad a local Wal Mart closed because of employee theft!! They have gangsters on tv every night that they are looking for as well as daily drivebys.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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It is a rebet check addresed to you not pepboys how can they accept a check not addresed to then cash it you *** It's a check.


quit ur ***..atleast you got ur rebate check back. 90 percent of people dont even get theres so you should be happy that pep boys actually sent you one! hahahahah PEP BOYS SUCKS!

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #59339

no one cares about your life sir.


Hey !! I was wrong !!

Pep Boys came through and gave me my money. I repent Pep Boys.

Thank you. :zzz :zzz


You ain't got no bank account because you're poor and people don't like you.


The reason I didnt go to the liquor store was because you had alraedy emptied it ***.


The check had the Pep Boys logo on it. Si that wan't a very astute comment.

Also azhole hater .

i saw your mother at the stockyardes yesterday but she didn't get one bid. too many bulls


Rebate checks are processed by a 3rd party company-not Pep Boys so therefore the chack is not a Pep Boys check but that of a company that processes rebates. What does the local news and a WalMart closing have to do with a grown person that dont have a bank account and no common sense have to with you cashing a check? Why didnt you just go to your neighborhood liqour store and cash it?


u dumbazz

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