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I took some time as I was looking for new tires for my truck, and decided to give Pep Boys a try.

They had a rebate offer (Buy 3 tires get the 4th one free after rebate) In order to get the rebate you had to also purchase the road hazard warranty and complete tire installation package, which I did and was shown on the store receipt.

I carefully copied receipts and circled the rebate items as required. and sent it along with the rebate form to them.

About 9 weeks after I sent it to them, I get a postcard stating the item s do not qualify for a rebate.

What BS, It appears to be a scam to me.

I called the Pep Boys customer support number and I was told I have to take it up with the rebate center, and they could do nothing.

I wouldn't recommend getting anyhting from Pep Boys.

I'm not done trying to get them to come thru on this rebate though, The rebate was supposed to be $121.00 .

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $121.

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He says after waiting 9 weeks he got a postcard from Pep Boys not that he waited 9 weeks to mail the rebate you corn speckled turd.


Take the post card to the manager if that doesnt work go higher. I've seen it happen it works.


Make sure you didnt receive a discount on any other items on your receipt, if you did, the rebate will be declined. You need to call the rebate company, and ask why. The rebate company is not part of Pep Boys!'


It's your own fault if you waited 9 wks. The form clearly states that there is a deadline for sending in your receipt.


I now how you feel. I stopped shopping at pep boys a few years ago after going through the same deal as you.

The only difference was my rebate was for some oil.

I only shop at Autozone and Advance Auto now. Thank you pep boys..


Ha ha ha ha, I work for Pepboys and we got you. LMAO

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