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I took my car to PepBoys in Feb. 2010, had 4 tires, brakes, alignment and an oil change, having my car back less than 12 hours, both of my caliper bolts on the driver front caliper.

I take the car back and then when I talked to the service manager, he tells me "We fixed it, what more do you want?" I threw a fit, tried to get ahold of the Area Manager, nothing. I went to the BBB, still nothing. In June 2010, I go to get my tires balanced and rotated, it is a free service when you purchase road hazzard warranty. When I arrived at the store the ***.

Manager tells me that they will not touch my car and will not honor any warranty due to the fit I threw in Feb. I spent over $700 with them and can not get any money or service from them....they will rape you and then throw you to the curb.

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Jaimeeb, do not listen to these people they propbaby are employees of Pep Boy. I feel your pain.

Too many mechanics screwing over consumers and Pep boy is notorious for it.

Go to the attorney general and let them know what happened. I promise things will turn around fat.


May be if u didnt becaome violence they would of take care of you!thats the problem in this world everything is violence!!! :sigh


I think the correct term is "surprise sex", rape is pretty offensive. Unless the person is asleep during the act, then it's legal.


its also illigal


Is this site to down people or to complain about how some company screwed you? That makes you look like an *** Have a great day though!!


:? You sound and write like an as+!!

Try to proof read! Better stay in school!!!


Where they took my money and won't warranty anything. I am a full time student that doesn't have money so paying over $700 for services that either fall off my car or they just wont touch my car is raping someone!

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #161373

So where is the part where you were raped.

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