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My daughter was driving from IL to ME and her brakes went out. She was picking up a roomate in PA so she went to the Pep Boy shop in Quakertown PA. They supposedly put new brakes on her car.

After coming home she told me she was not comfortable driving the car, that something was wrong.

I took it to work the next day and it was obvious to me that there was something wrong with the brakes.

I took the car to my mechanic in IL and he took the rear wheels off. He had alot of trouble getiing one on them off. Finaly when he was able to get them removed we saw that Pep Boys did nothing with the rear brakes. Obviosly didn't even remove the rear tires. The front were done but with low quality parts.

Anthony Dargis supposedly did the work and the inspection and coded everything as new.

I spoke to Matt Labukas the assistant manager several times and sent him pictures along with the detailed invoice I received from my mechanic.

He did agree to give me back what I paid to get the brakes done at Pep Boys but would not give me the amount I had to pay in IL. The difference was minor but it was insulting to me that they couldn't even give me what I had to pay to get the work done that they supposedly did.

His apology to me was curt and not at all sincere. Not only did it inconvenience us by being without a car again and arranging our lives around being without a car while it was being fixed again, but they put my daughters life in danger by not doing the job they were paid to do!

Obviously attention to detail is not one of their strong points! He also told me I could stop in and pick up my money. Hello! remember I live in IL you're in PA!

If my car broke down in front of a Pep Boys I wouldn't even use their phone to call another repair shop. I will never set foot in one of their establishments.

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