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My daughter was on her way to school traveling from IL to Me when she started to have brake trouble. She was stopping in PA to pick up a schoolmate so I asked her friends father to make her an appointment to get her brakes done.

He made the appointment at the Quakertown Pep Boy shop. They claimed to have replaced all 4 brake pads, shoes, and rotors. And charged her $469.00.

After coming back home on break my daughter told me that she is not comfortable driving her car and that something was wrong.

I drove it and immediately could tell it was the breaks.

I took it to my mechanic in Il and he had alot of trouble getting the tires off. Obviously they were never removed! They did not even touch the rear brakes! The front brakes were done but not with new parts and they were low quality.

Anthony R Dargis claimed to put all the new parts on and inspected the work.

I spoke with the assistant service manager Matt Labukas and he asked me to send him a picture which I did. His apology was "It's not Pep Boys nature to do work like that"

He agreed to give me the amount of money they charged me to replace the rear brakes however it cost me more to get the work redone granted not alot more but we had to rearrange our lives because the car was in the shop again getting work that should have been already done and I'm lucky to still have a child after letting them work on her car! Matt totally insulted me with that offer. He then tells me that I could stop in and pick up the money! hello! I live in IL you're in PA. Obviously attention to detail is not one of their strenghts! He did not care that he put my childs life in danger or put us out in any way he would not budge.

If my car breaks down in front of any Pep Boy shop I would not even use their phone to call another service. I will never step one foot into any of their establishments! They take advantage of young out of state girls and treat women like second class citizens.

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my daughter is a dumb ***, as am i


How is it the assistant manager Matt's fault? You should be mad at the person who worked on the car.

The assistant manager had nothing to do with the way your car was worked on.

It seems to me in your comment that he even apologized for the work they had done on your car. I love pep boys and they always do great work for me!

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