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On Nov 27th I called Pep Boys in 6th Ave Tucson AZ and asked for a spark plug change. They asked for the vehicle year model engine size then I was given a range of price.

Given the $105.00 price, I went to Pep Boys and turned in the car.

I waited forty five minutes to get the car into the bay At the bay I noticed that my car was not being worked on for the last 30 minutes and I began to wonder why. I then asked ask around and I was told they do not have much to do, but Carlos was the one working on my car. I then asked Carlos what is going on and he told me that there is an additional work needed to access the plugs and it will cost more. When I went to the counter to ask how much more I was told it will cost an additional 2.5 hours labor for a total of $375.00.

Say what you already use 2 hours of my time and 30 minutes of repair time and they are talking about another 2.5 hours. I know my car have a plenum blocking the back 3 plugs, but my time was already wasted not being told anything and 2.5 hours. I do not think so not after nothing happened for 30 minutes and I was not told about this in the beginning leading me to believe that they do not know Hyundai and it is a time burner and a guest work.

I then took my car out of the shop sensing incompetent in customer and technical service.

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Thank you for your response. I would line to think that when a customer provides the service desk with a full vehicle description with engine size, the service Tehcnician would be able to look it up in the computer and tell you what you need and how much.

My car's model is own by many and work on by many, so I really do not understand why the car goes in and then price surprise after a long idle.

The dealer's flat price was $279.00. Jack Furrier performed the service for $210.00 and and with a coupon I paid $188.00.


When pepboys quotes a price on a tune up it is usually accurate.However some engines do require a little additional time because of the plug location. next time I would suggest you take your car to the dealer so they can charge you 4 hours additional labor.Keep in mind our techs work on flat rate and what ever they touch they get paid what happen if the tech pulls in the car and opens the hood and then notices the tech did not add the additional time.then most of the time the tech will not do a ticket with 1.5 hrs that should be 3.5 hrs.So understand its not that they did not want to do your car its just a miscommunication between the service writer and you.all he had to do was fix the problem not create one.

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