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Wilmington, Delaware

Kirkwood Highway Pep Boys

April 2010

My Jeep Cherokee recently quit running while driving. I had the car towed to Pep Boys (it was late, they were closed) Went in to give them the key and explain the problem the next morning. Told them I had done some reseach, and the most likely cause was the crankshaft sensor.

The car sat for 2 days until they could get to it, at which time they ran their 90 dollar "diagnostic" which revealed nothing. They told me they didn't know what was wrong, and they would have to run more tests on components, which would cost another 100 dollars.

I called them back after 15 minutes, telling them to stop work, but they said they had found the problem: the ECM (the computer brain), and thet it would cost $660 to replace. I told them close the hood, I was having it towed out.

I spent some time browsing, and foud Atomotive Computer Exchange through eBay. I purchased a reconditioned "brain" from them, guarenteed for life for $185. I replaced the alleged "bad" one, and still no start.

Took it to a locally owned small repair shop, told him the trouble. He had it fixed in 1 hour. Seems it was the crankshaft sensor I had suggested to Pep Boys. Total repair bill: $180 (part was 100). Replaced old computer, still runs fine.

I just wonder if it was Pep Boys plan to keep replacing ignition related parts starting with the most expensive, until they stumbled upon the right one. Or maybe this is just how they trouble-shoot a problem. Either way, they have lost another customer.

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like any other national retail chain, the store locations' performance is greatly reflected on the people who works there...

i used to be a service writer for pepboys & if the technicians are bad, then i had the responsibility to suggest replacements

i was just lucky to have a group of good workers (3 were ASE certified master mechanics) on my watch & i allow them to explain in further detail to the customer why a part has failed...

the only bad thing about being a service advisor was suggesting add-on sales; i personally told the customer due to the mileage/age of the vehicle, they're really recommended to have it done while they're getting their oil changed or brakes done

& refer them to their own owners' manual in the glovebox

One other thing i suggested to pepboys before i left... was a courtesy shuttle back to a nearby mall or home or workplace instead of sitting in the cramped waiting area

each store location is different... so include the location, w.tooms


went to pepboys to have a tie rod changed. drove out with a squeeking up front that wasn't there before the repair.

took it back within 4 min. and was told it was my hubcaps. the noise got louder and louder, i took it back 3 times and they refused to look at it and was told its still my hubcaps. two weeks later my brakes locked up and burned down to the metal.

500.00 brake repair that could have been prevented. NEVER AGAIN PEPBOYS.

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