Pep Boys, Pleasant Hills Store, Pgh. Pa- Who is Mr. BIG ?

And, how to I track Mr. BIG down ?

· I demand to talk to that secrete person !

· After speaking to the store management team, I was finally told that they would not help with my issue.

· That this is beyond them, and they said to me, that I need to speak to someone higher.

· However, when I ask whom that person is, and for that persons contact information, they will not tell me who that person is, or that person contact information.

· Store management said to me, that I need to search on my own for that information, however as a hint, for me to try the Internet (even if I don't have a computer).

· I want the name and phone number and e-mail address of MR. BIG !

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To everyone out there who has been "Ripped off" I apoligize I started working for pepboys and realize , the technicians will try 2 get you for every little thing. The service writers go by what the technician says.

But its not jst pepboys every big busieness shop will try 2 get as much out of you as possible. Don't single out 1 business like Pepboys anywhere will


Scott odell formally of sears corporTE FAME IS MR BIG, he not only drove down sears stock, but did that to sell, this time of pepboys, he has managed to cut employees hours,then pay the stock holders as if they made money, but this act is just the same as BERNIE MADOFF, you do not cut employees hours and then make the investors believe they made a profit this is fraud


Also, if you are the CEO of Pep Boys... contact your claims department in PA about this issue.

They will know about it. I am going to be contacting the BBB and other organizations about that if nothing is done.


I had my car worked on a while back on my head gasket at my local Pep Boys. I drove the car from the store to my home and could smell anitfreeze again.

I had a friend look under hood and there was a part that wasn't clamped down completely near the thermastat. So I had to take my care back and they told me to bring it back the next day but as I was looking later I notice oil leaking around a bolt on my engine. They told me they would order another bolt because the one they replaced old bolt with would not tork down. They said they would call.

We called back about the bolt and they forgot to order it. After call a lot they finally said the bolt was in. The car was taken in and New bolt replaced. 3 days later...

head gasket blows. I took my car somewhere else after Pep Boys had it for a entire week and we told them we thought it was the head gasket and they refused to believe it. They told me to take it to Ford Garage because they said it was the computer box. took it to Ford Garage and it wasn't computer box but the Head Gasket.

I had them change it for me but before I left the mechanic had me look at something. Here Pep Boys never replaced the bolt but instead silicone it in. I am waiting to get my money back but now they are playing around and I have had enough.

I paid them and the Ford Garage for this work.... twice for a head gasket..


Look mr. costomer mr.

big Don Kwiatkowski said you were a retard aand you spend too much time on the computer and as far as your claim you had the work done 18 monthes ago and if you look at your history you always want something for nothing mr. Babich for once get a job and pay your way you *** ***

Fort Meade, Florida, United States #233679

To- Who is Mr. Big,

I did get a hit from Mr. Mike O'Odell, but he left no response. I didn't know who he was, but now I do, thanks.

However, I did recieve a call from another Pep Boys excutave. We are dicusssing a remedy to our problems, no resulotion just yet, because of the Hoildays, but maybe next week.

Please understand, there was no restocking fee, but there was a mark-up, on the items they needed of the store floor, and then they keep the remainder.


I'll tell you my friend, you need to know who MR BIG is well his name is Mike O'Dell CEO of Pep Girls, I worked there for 2 years and saw so much bull *** go on it made me sick. Go to the web site www.pepboys.com and click on contact us, do your thing I do hope you get back what you deserve, I have never heard of a restocking fee ever, they should of just given your money back or a store credit. Good Luck

Fort Meade, Florida, United States #230427


Update-I got lucky, so far

In fairness and honesty without prodigious to anyone, with surprise I did, receive a call and e-mails from "Mr. Big".

In fact, I submitted an e-mail to "Mr. Big" last night at 11:00 PM, he responded back at 11:30 PM.

Pep Boys Corporate should recognize this guy, he must work 24/7 to make Pep Boy's successful, hopefully he doesn’t burnout.

However, we have not come to any resolution just yet, he was willing to discuss my latest issues today. But since he responded, was willing to talk, and so far I trust him, and since this is New Years eve, I told him that I am willing to postpone our discussion until next week.

Happy New Years to All.

Fort Meade, Florida, United States #226411

Thanks guy's

I did recieve a Pep Boys response.

Looks like the Pep Boys complaint routing is: from Me to the Assant Manager, from the Assant Manager for me than to the comtactthe Manager, from the manager for me to contact Corporate.

From Corporate back to me to call the store Asasnnt Manager.


Please contact me at don_kwiatkowski@pepboys.com


Good luck with that. Post it here if you get a response.

Chances are they'll just ignore it. It's their culture. Take the money and run! Customer service is dead!

Give them a bad review, survey! There's a website or address on the receipt where you can post your experience with them.





Call corporate at 1-800-Pep-Boys.

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