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Have you ever gone to a Pep Boys Store, especially the one in Pleasant Hills / Pittsburgh Pa and LOCKED you car door before going inside for repair service.

You locked you doors, because you didn't want your personal belongings stolen in the parking lot.

Then, as you are sitting in the waiting room (4-10 hours latter), you see your car in the parking lot, you start to wonder how long has been there, is it finished and why no one was courteous enough to inform you your car is finished ?

After you go to the counter, wait another 15 mins, you are told that you car is finished, we were just coming to let you know (ya right).

When you get to the parking lot, you discover that your car is UNLOCKED.

Then start to wonder if someone is hiding in the back seat.

A few days latter, something you thought was is the car, you can't find is now missing.

Then you start to wonder, did it disappear inside the store, or in the parking lot?

On the other hand, did it disappear inside the store and that's why the doors were left unlock to divert the location of a possible theft ?

Hum makes you wonder.

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If you keep having problems why do you keep returning for service? You just askin for trouble or are you just that ***?


Mr.Kasich where do you work you want to attack someones livlyhood remember they all have your address


You are a retard Mr.Kasich I told those guys to tell you to get lost why dont you pay for something

Fort Meade, Florida, United States #230429

Woops, they did it again!

Went back the Pleasant Hills Store/Pittsburgh a few days ago on some remaining warranty issues.

I took a vacation day, arrived at 8:00 AM, left at 4:30 PM, by that time 1/3 of the work was done and again, I discovered my car in the parking lot, unlocked!

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