· I went to the Pep Boys Store, in Pleasant Hills / Pittsburgh Pa, because the ABS light was on.

· After waiting 3 hours, the mechanic finally came out from behind the block wall. and said that the problem was a faulty front left wheel hub assembly.

I gave him authorization to do the repair, but he said it was too late in the evening to repair, for me to come back tomorrow.

I said OK, so, I went back the next day, but when I went back, they said they were too busy again, for me to comeback another day (2 more hrs of my time lost), I did this a few times (another 4 hrs of my time lost) before I was finally take in (another 3 hrs).

The mechanic replaced the left front wheel hub assembly, but on the way home the ABS Light came back on again.

· I went back a few days latter, this time another mechanic looked at it but put his ABS diagnostic scanned on, and said the right front hub assembly was bad, but because the other mechanic did not do a diagnostic first, he must have mis diagnosed the problem ?

So, now the mechanic replaced the right front hub assemble.

ABS light went out.

· However, a few months later the light started to come back on.

After a few back and forth visits (another 3 hours), they finally took me in (another 4 hrs).

The mechanic was told to replace the right front wheel hub assembly, and he did.

But, before I left the parking lot, the ABS light came back on, I went back into the store, spoke to the manager, he said I would have to wait another 3-4 hours before they would look at it again, and to do a ABS scan, and that the scan would take 1 hour (however, the previous scans only took 15 mins from the shop to the parking lot back to the shop).

But I said OK anyhow, then manager said they would not have time at all that day.

On the way out, I spoke to the mechanic and he said he was directed to replace the wheel hub, but was not directed to do a diagnostic first.

· I am still driving around with my ABS light on.

That is what I remember of my last group of ABS visits at the Pep Boys-Pleasant Hills / Pgh, Pa.

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Fort Meade, Florida, United States #212682

Yes, thank you, but the rest of the story is that in addition to those 2 Wheel Hub Assembles, I also had 4 other Wheel Hub Assembles installed, at the same Pleasant Hills Store in Pgh, Pa, over the past 4 years, with the same results.


Some of those aftermarket hub assemblies, even top-of-the line brands, are *** like that. Sorry to hear about all the wasted time. Nothing Pep Boys can do about it really, other than getting some dealer parts and hopefully those will cause less hassle.

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