Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

At the Pleasant Hills store (Pittsburgh, Pa), after 20 months, I still have an issue with Pep Boys Corporate with their failure to honor their warranty (from my perspective).

Each time I go to the Pleasant Hills store, I am told by the new assistant manager (who I feel is playing the part of the "good cop"), the decision not to honor the warranty and provide customer satisfaction was coming form the new Manager (who I feel is playing the part of "bad cop").

And they both blame the problem on the previous management team that got ….., and are no longer there.

However, when I did speak to the previous management team on the issue, they said the same think as these new guys.

Now Pep Boys is saying the problem is out of warranty and Pep Boys is now off the hook.

I am contending that the warranty has not even started, since the warranty does not start until after the work is successfully completed.

My deal is with the Pep Boys Corporation, not the people that come and go behind the counter.

When I tried to find out whom I could speak to outside of the store, at a "higher up level", they refused to tell me his name, his phone number.

I was told I would have to find out on my own, and to use the Internet to complain.

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Fort Meade, Florida, United States #226417

1. quitter-I did

2. Mike-OK.

3.Joe-I re3cieved the same response every time I called that number.

4. Scott-I did

The call routing lead me back to the store were I started.

Fort Meade, Florida, United States #226413

1. quitter-I did.

3. Joe- Yes, I recieved the same message, every time I called it.

4. I did.

Looks like the Pep Boys complaint routing is: from Me to the Assant Manager, from the Assant Manager for me than to the comtactthe Manager, from the manager for me to contact Corporate.

From Corporate back to me to call the store Asasnnt Manager.


try to contact the give a *** department


email mike_odell@pepboys.com someone will call you!

Fort Meade, Florida, United States #214576

I did, they responded back with a pre recorded tape asking me if my problem was corrected.

It was press 1 for YES, and press 2 for NO.

I pressed 2 for NO and the tape continued asking me they same question 20x untill I got frustrated and hung up.


All you have to do is call 1-800-Pep-Boys.

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