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Went in for brake pads-mechanic replaced whole brake system for nothing-all he had to do was change a $20.00 part in the back wheels. They had my truck for 5 days-two of those days they had me sit there with my small child for 8 hrs, with no regard for my son.

Finally on third day I asked for a rental and was told by the store manager they are not responsible for that until the general manager got involved. Then the shop manager was the rudest man I have met. He roled his eyes at me and talked to me with attitude and disdain because his "manager called him at home-actually woke me up because of this" accused me of trying to keep something for nothing. He let me leave his shop with no working brakes.

I told him I was sorry to put him out but I need brakes that work he said he had done his job and he was done! Had to pump my brakes to the next shop and they said I could have died due to Pep Boys allowing me to leave with No Brakes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Part Replacement.

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