Islip, New York
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I was overcharged for services NOT performed. How about that?

I cannot post here the receipt for services which I had to pay but if you visit my website you can read the entire story and see the proof!

Some of the things they detail on the receipt I cannot figure out. I mean I don't know who thinks this stuff up at Pep Boys but I advise everyone who reads this to check out what I put up on the website and see what you think about the situation. I want to thank you in advance!

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Piatra Neamt, Neamt, Romania #147601

Maybe you read the article wrongly. This has nothing to do with "driving traffic" and getting "hits."

If you get the picture at all, you will understand that I am attempting to advise other motorists of the dangers of taking your car to Pep Boys. That's what it is about!


i will put my website up in all sorts of random forums and hope the idiots jump right in too!!!! Good way to drive traffic and get some hits!! good luck with that.

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