Pep Boys thinks their doctors now. Middle of a recession and they think it's ok to charge $104.00 dollars an hour for labor.

I won't ever go back. The sales clerks had very caviler attitudes like "how are you going to act"". They say they have the lowest price guaranty but they get you with the labor. I had this happen to me in the Redlands Ca.

Store. I came in and told them what was wrong with the car. They charged me to tell me what I told them.

Made me wait two hours for that and then another two hours to do the work. Totally nuts.

Monetary Loss: $104.

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must be one of the *** techs from pep boys you guys really suck


if you don't like the prices, why don't you do the work yourself you s.c.u.m.b.a.g.

to Joe #764777
You *** ***...the guy is trying to tell he was overcharged....u do all the work urself if u were charged more and had to get a fix done?...u numb nut...maybe ur one of those sleezebags working @pepboys...ur a mechanic for reason..u dont have brains that work for anything else *** munch :(

If you dont like the prices then go to the dealer they charge for the same exact thing and $140 an hour labor

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