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They charged me for an electrical test that was never done- All other pep boys locations said theyre not allowed or even equipped to do elec tests on volvos- and if they did, it would take all day. I dropped off my car and was called 15 mins later and charged almost $100.00 and they said they didnt see a problem.

So I asked guys i know @advanced auto to recommend me a real mechanic- I got the problem fixed same day for less than $100. and they spent hours checking thru the system, found the problem, fixed it and i havnt had a problem since. There was an expose' on t.v. a news special- (hidden cameras) about these chain corporations like pep boys, midas, oil express, jiffy lube etc.

and how the corp. actually trains the managers how to lie and overcharge and not do the actual work.why are there no consequences sometimes this can be an endangerment to our life by jeapordising our car and its functions!

and they steal our money along with it yet if we walk in pep boys and put the most minute item in our pocket without paying - we will face jail time-wheres the justice? there needs to be leverage- like class action lawsuits against these corporations and their sleazy operations!!!

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If you did not hear the noise until after the tires were rotated , was because you were looking for something to have been done wrong , a tire rotation would get done by a tire guy , who may or may not have noticed the problem on his own by doing the rotation , but being as you yourself did not hear the problem before you asked for just a rotation , why should he have , honestly people today , get a grip and stop your *** over a trivial mattter , sounds like you just left there looking for a problem or you want something for free

Terlizzi, Puglia, Italy #271856

I took my car in to have the tires rotated, I was told that everything was fine. When I went to get my car I noticed the brakes were grinding on the right rear rotor.

I went to the manager on duty and he did come out and look at my car and said the noise was from the front rim peeling. I said No it's the back brakes and I pulled out so he could hear them grind again. He said he didn't know how that would happen???? Well If I noticed this in the 10 sec I was in the freak'in car why didn't the mechanic notice this whe me moved my car or was changing the tires if the rotor was worn down.

I'm pissed at the people and that say customer service first. I really wish I could do something about this I feel the did something so I would spend money with them.

He told me thier is noting for him to do. pepboys just lost my business.

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