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I went to Pep Boys for front end wheel bearings and front end struts to be replaced. They did the work after my car had been at their shop for 4 days.

During this visit they advised me all four of my tires were badly worn. I asked them to check my spare tire to be sure it had air in it in case I blew a tire on the highway while saving money to afford four new tires. Did they add air to it? I didn't check, I TRUSTED THEM.

I check and now I have NO SPARE TIRE, rim and donut is GONE along with my jack missing. I feel they either need to find my spare tire and jack within their shop on Cortez Rd in Bradenton, Florida OR replace them. I've been driving on four badly worn tires without a spare and jack... What if I blew a tire at night driving home from work on the Interstate?!!!

Growl! I'm so angry that I put my trust in Pep Boys!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Also they are going to do good by my squeal in the front driver's side when I come out from making a left turn, or turn right. In April they put new struts and wheel bearings on both front sides.....since then the squeal/squeak when turning right.

We'll see what they do and say this Saturday. One thing that does trouble me though. I was supposed to have a rebate after they did my brakes on August 11th, 2013...I have yet to receive that $30.00 rebate.

I applied for it online directly after they did the work on the car. The rebate center says it's where's the money?

to NCmariposa Fort Myer, Virginia, United States #746504

Rebates ur pathetic cheap *** ! Money keeps the economy going

Cheap complainers always want something for free get a life loser


I wanted to REMOVE THIS POST because I made a HUGE ERROR. I went to Pep Boys last Saturday and it was MY MISTAKE.

My spare tire IS THERE. I failed to pull up the SECOND Rack/flooring. So my HUGE APOLOGIES to PEP BOYS for my mistake/error.

I feel terrible about this, and not sure how to remove this post. I'm SO ***!

Syracuse, New York, United States #714233

Pep boys they are no good they damaged my rims on a 4 new tire installation I don't even walk in there wouldn't buy a car freshner from them

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