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I've had several problems with Pep Boys in Brandon FL and I've finally learned my lesson. Had transmission problems, had to tow my car to Pep Boys.

Was told I needed a new transmission. A few days went by and they installed a new transmission. Within and hour of laving the shop my car would no longer shift again. Finally made it back to the shop.

Was told that they corrected the problem. Yet again, the next day car wouldn't shift again. Took back to shop. Was told I had to take it to Toyota to reset my computer because the car was not recognizing that it had a new transmission.

Found out that my transmission wasn't bad but that my ECM needed to be replaced. Cost $500 to fix. Already paid Pep Boys $2,500 for new transmission that wasn't bad to begin with.

Brake problems.

Took to Pep Boys again. New pads and was told my routers were bad and couldn't be machined. So I had to pay for new routers. A week went by and my brakes started grinding again.

Took back to Pep Boys and they said they just needed to be adjusted. Another few days went by and the brakes were grinding again. Took back yet again, this time I was told that my brakes were making a funny noise because of the weather. WTF??

Okay, I suppose. About 2 months later my brakes were still making the noise. I took my car back in. Was told that there was nothing that Pep Boys could do because my brakes were fine.

I wanted a second opinion. Took to Just Brakes. Turns out that Pep Boys didn't do the brake job that I paid for. I had the problem corrected at Just Brakes for $150.

I contacted Pep Boys corporate office. What a joke! They just pass the info on to the local Pep Boys manager and that manager called yelling at me. I was at work and couldn't take a personal call.

Every 15 minutes the Pep Boys manager called and left a message that I needed to call him immediately. When I finally got a break that's when I called and he yelled at me. Never again! I'm out a lot of money paying for faulty service but can't really do anything about it.

Their Bull Dog manager is best to just leave be then deal with.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Document everything. Contact your States Bureau of Automotive Repair, Better Business Bureau, State A.G., send them copies of everything and affidavits.

That should get the ball rolling. Complain to that city's government.


CALL 1 800 pepboys and keep complaining. request to speak to a area manager and not the store manager.


s.r. former pepboys executive.


Maybe it's time to buy a new car and retire your 1992 pos with a 300000 Pep Boys


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