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The 4th tire is NOT free! They charged me $155.24 and almost 3 hrs.

of my time to put on 4 tires! This was my second visit and my last. The breakdown is: 10.00 to touch the 4 tires, 51.96 to balance them, 65.32 for road hazard, and 27.96 for 4 valve stems.I saw $781 as an estimate when I signed the work order but figured this was 'an estimate' since they were trying to sell me an alignment for $70 which I just had dome at my local shop. They offered to change the bulb over my license plate for $14.98!

The windshield wiper install was $15.98. I refused. I sure hope my tires last.I told the young men at the register I was unhappy. He said, "But our tires are the cheapest." I told him they are not the cheapest when you charge $155.24 to install them.

I should've ordered my Michelin's and saved some money.

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Yeah the breakdown was correct on that they did not force you to get the service you accepted and yes it cost 2.50 a tire to get ride of scrap tires *** bag you cant burn them its against the law they have to be recycled and you will get a rebate on that 4th tire which was explained to you before your car even rolled in the shop yeah order your tires online then when one blows out then what the *** you gonna do? you gotta send it back to them other then coming to pepboys and getting professional help and having your tire pro rated and changed that day


sorry but I was trying to save money for a sex change


You get the price of one in the mail ur just a cheap ,broke *** who wants everything for free.... and if u buy michellins you still have to install them and align the car but get no warranty....loser


Oh, I forgot the best part. Since you don't think the 4th tire is free, can I have the $155 debit card when you get it in the mail? I could use the money.


The $10 is to throw out your old ones. They take this off if you take the tires back.

Everyone charges for balancing. The road hazard insures your tires in case they can't be fixed, which you will thank next winter when you hit a pothole, destroy your tire, and go back and get a free one.

The 14.98 includes the bulbs and labor, and the wiper installation is free. You could have gotten the installation cheaper, but the tires would be in the back seat, not on the rims.

Green Lantern

10 dollars isn't to "touch" the tires. It's a handling charge.

They're disposing of the tires for you. That costs a lot of money, hence them charging you 2.50 per tire. Wiper install? 15.98 is the price of the wiper blades.

They install it for free.

27.96 is a decent charge for TPMS valve stems, which you have if your car is 2008 or newer. Quit yer ***.

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