Madison, Ohio
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I would recommend to all to stay away from PEP Boys for service. I took my wife's car in for an alignment and inspection.

When we got it back the alternator no longer worked. We took it back and thier immediate responce was there was nothing they did to cause it and it was my problem to deal with. I attemped to contact PEP Boys regional manager and thier consumer line and got no responce from either. Thier regional manager does not return calls and you cannot get his phone number.

Thier consumer line does not answer. They also called me 3 hours after I left thier location to ask me if they had given me someone elses keys. I did not return thier call for an hour and they still had not found them.

This is a fine example of competance.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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:cry quit blatting. your car broke so now you have to fix it.

boo hoo. corporate headquarters will side with the customer 99 out of 100 times even when the customers story is complete bull *** like yours and that is what makes their ASE certified mechanics look bad.

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #13695

What does an alignment have to do with an alternater? You must know absolutely nothing about cars.

I suppose if you take your car in for an oil change and three days later the check engine light somes on, you think that Pepboys is responsible for it.

Nice try for a time report something believable? SHEESH!!!!!!!!!

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