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Sept. 2011: I brought my car in for its annual NYS Inspection at Pep Boys in Port Jefferson Station, NY.

Apparently there was a 1/4 inch separation on the tip of my passenger side windshield wiper blade. I politely declined replacement. However, I was told that failure to replace the blade with one of their overpriced blades would result in failing the inspection.

Yes, it was only $15 but clearly unnecessary and this just ticked me off. By the way, if you decide to stand on principle and leave, you still have to pay the inspection fee and they remove your current sticker.

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The same exact thing happened to me at Pep Boys. The only difference was the cost of the expensive replacement blades at $27 99.

teed off I paid their ransom and vow never to return to them for anything mechanical. Lesson learned

to Anonymous #1121951

My old blades were less than a year old. No streaks.

Clean and in working order. They just had to grab my cohones and squeeze. Sure the blades are included in the inspection. BIG DEAL.

Still in my many years of inspections on various cars not one mechanic sold me on the wipers. How ever I feel lucky these dudes didn't hold me up for a "noise canceling oiled window automatic feeder".


Sorry, but the windshield wipers are part of the NYS vehicle safety inspection. Second, they are ENTITLED to the inspection fee, pass or fail.

If you fail, and go for a second inspection after declining repairs, you are CHARGED again, under NYS motor vehicle law. The other guy is correct in saying they MUST affix a 10 day temporary sticker, whichallows you 10 days to repair your vehicle and have it re-inspected.

How do they know you're not an NYS DMV inspector evaluating them? If the inspector does an improper inspection, HIS inspectors license can be suspended and / or revoked.


actually you pay NYS ins fee pass or fail just fyi


in ny state if you don't don't pass the inspection they have to by law give you a ten day sticker and you you don't have to pay them *** unless you pass learn the law


why don't you go to the dealer then you cheapskate....they're looking out for your safety you *** :cry

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