Fort Worth, Texas
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Pep Boys in Arlington texas was to replace my clutch in my truck. After picking up vehicle (3 days later than promised)I noticed while on vacation the same noise I took it in to repair.

I took back to store and spoke to different employee and was told.....GET THIS..... My clutch needed to be replaced! I again told them it was under warranty and just replaced, but mechanic said it looked like old parts had been used and flywheel hadnt been turned. They also stated the CPS was in need of replacing and I told them they also replaced that on first visit.

I am now writing this review because my CPS (Crank Position Sensor)AGAIN failed and left me and my family stranded while watching fireworks on the fourth. While they do offer reasonable prices, their work quality and lack of ethics lead me to believe their business should be avoided at all costs. I would also be interested in joining a class action lawsuit if someone were to file against them. They do not care about their customers and just worry about taking your money.

Do not trust them. Also visit the "Dont Trust Pepboys" website on facebook and leave a comment, there is also the Anti Pep Boys website as well.

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