East Hartford, Connecticut
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Well folks, its quite simple. We sent out newly purchased Jeep Liberty to be service for "Preventative Maintenance" and we nearly blew up because PEP Boys lied about the inspection they "allegedly performed".

After getting a "perfect" condition on our Jeep we drove out of state. Suddenly, and thank God we stopped at an intersection only to be greeted by smoke comming from our front wheel. This was immediately followed by the smell of burning. WE pulled over and called to find the nearest dealership that handled Jeeps specifically.

After rushing our Jeep on the lift, they informed us that the brakes, calupers, were all shot. And had been for sometime. And that the tires had NOT been rotated at all.

We had to have the repair done and by doing so VOIDed our warrenty on ther Jeep from the dealer. When I contacted PEP Boys, Bert the store manager refused to take responsiblity and began to fabricate events leading to and after the event.

Monetary Loss: $1009.

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Maduran, Jawa Timur, Indonesia #51471

I let them look at my Jeep. I asked for a bumper to bumper check, used a preventative coupon.

They alledged to have rotated tires, they didn't, had opportunity to inform us of any problems, missed that, and told me my jeep was in perfect condition.at least the courts agree with me. take these bastards to court when you can.

Everton, Missouri, United States #48213

Not sure if it is a valid complaint, the details are too sketchy to blame pepboys. I am no fan of pep boys or any car dealers but I would do the same as the pepboys manage


newly purchased??? calipers shot for sometime???and you think pepboys is the blame for this?? you should be mad at whoever sold you this newly purchased liberty.i am no fan of pepboys but unless you paid for the inspection then you have no right to complain as i have stated before you got what you paid for you could have taken this vehicle to the dealership to get inspected but then again they wont do it for free will they....you should make inquiries as to how a newly purchased jeep can have all 4 calipers bad at the same time and if they have been bad for a long time then you bought it that way no didnt you ....you get what you pay for


Typical experience from a Pep Boys customer. Poor service and horrendous incompetence. Now wonder the stock is falling and stores are closing.

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