San Antonio, Texas

I brought my 2004 Lincoln Aviator and my wife's 2005 Jaguar S-type for to this location for service. I requested to have my wheels rotated and balanced.

The service associate Earl then asked me, "For what?" I then explained that my wheels were aftermarket and they replace some broken studs and my hub assembly 2 months prior and this is in preparation for a road trip. He was very rude and offensive to my wife and I. I then asked to speak with Tobin or the general manager! He replied by saying, "They don't know what the *** they are doing and I'm their replacement." I took my vehicles to Firestone and they were serviced without incident.

I am severely disappointed with the level of unprofessionalism Earl displayed. I can look pass the mouth full of gold teeth and the gum smacking while he was talking to us however, that is not the proper way to treat loyal paying customers.

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