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Please beware of allowing PEP BOYS NORTH BRUNSWICK NJ to run their diagnostic scam on your car! I had my oil changed the week prior, a week later my car started making loud engine noises and a horrible shaking in the engine.

I DROVE it back there to be looked at. Immediately the desk manager said I needed to pay for the "free" diagnostic test, the test is free but the READING of the report was to be $89! Single woman, single income, not being a mechanic, I agreed to their diagnostic test. 3 days later after finding rides to work etc, I get the phone call.

Their estimate was over $3,000! (per them) leaking water pump, timing chain, motor mounts,serpentine belt, auto belt tensioner and the list goes on. Please remember I had my car in for a simple oil change a week prior and NOTHING. In addition the front desk manager was rude, dismissive and condescending both in person and on the phone.

I decided at that point to have it seen elsewhere. At that point, I was told by them it WON'T START! What? I drove it in!

Then the scare tactic of, "if you risk driving it, you could do permanent damage" I chose to have it towed to another auto repair shop. They did not like my decision and at this point raised my diagnostic fee from $89 to $109. AND would not allow me to use my Pep Boys points coupon for $60 toward this fee. The new repair shop said the water pump was fine, no need for the timing chain, BUT my car truly WOULD NO LONGER START, he informed me that there was engine damage and that if Pep Boys did any damage it would be next to impossible to prove, since I removed it from their lot.

The new mechanic ran an engine compression test and found that while I may have needed some less expensive repairs, IF during the PEP BOYS testing, they somehow damaged my car, it would be hard to pinpoint. SO the dilemma is, spend the $1,000 in repairs from the new shop, (note the $2,000 drop in price!!) sell the car as is, replace the engine, continue to fight PEP BOYS or shop for a new car. One has to get to and from work and not a lot of resources to somehow sue PEP BOYS when they will certainly cover their tracks. Bottom line is, I found a dealer willing to take the car (which was in great shape otherwise) as a trade and I purchased a new car, BUT I still feel that PEP BOYS IN NORTH BRUNSWICK NJ should not be allowed to simply go on with no awareness.

I send this out as a warning!

I know that myself, nor my 3 grown children, my mother, co-workers, friends and ANYONE else I can warn to stay away from PEP BOYS will do so. As an end note, the mechanic that I towed the car to for the second opinion is a FORMER PEP BOYS mechanic, that knows their tactics, but for obvious reasons did not want revealed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Oil Change.

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Those so called mechanic guys in the Pepboys are a joke and they can careless about your car or anyone else. The company itself has major problems and so messed up that are triggering down to the guy who tried to fix your car and ruined it at the same time. The services also are the worst over there and you are not alone in experiencing this nightmare.


Thanks for the advice, I will do so. I made sure to get the service manager/desk manager/mechanic names and the store # and have ALL of the corresponding documentation..Thanks again


I would like to inform you that you should file a claim with the D M V in your state to see if they can catch them doing this as i will tell you from the start this happens more than you know and who dose this happen to well it's single women the elderly and people who do not no one thing about automotive repairs,

so what you did was very smart and now you must let them know you are not going to let them get away with it as i have been in this business for over 30 plus yrs and each year it gets worse why cause they do not want to pay good money to have good automotive techs who love there jobs.

compaired to paying some kid 7hr who has no automotive traing what so ever and there severice manager has never touch a vehicle in his life so now you know good luck.

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