Scranton, Pennsylvania
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Do NOT let this company scam you after offering a sale price. I have, repeatedly, put them on the line over the "miscellaneous shop charge" and have refused service once being told that they will apply it.

If people do not complain, they won't get rid of the charge. A sale price should INCLUDE the miscellaneous incidentals like a dab of grease, a little spring that is a routine part of the job, a bolt, etc.. Nothing about the way they add this charge is ethical.

And why do we take this company's bull and still go back? Because they are one of the few who does service on the weekends when we are all off.

Let me also add that Pep Boys' labor rate is now flirting with dealership rates--I have gotten several DEALERSHIP oil/transmission/coolant changes that were LESS THAN Pep Boys.

Consider a change when possible. There are other operations doing walk-in service cropping up everywhere. Patronize them because they're most likely starving for some of Pep Boys' customer base.


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I happen to like PEP BOY'S for the good service I Rec'd,but not all pep boys stores are the same.Some have uncaring employees and some are professional and I make it my business to call the corporate office in Philly and I have gotten results on numerous occasions.

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #20143

Good call, Pepboys is the bottom of the scale in the auto industry

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