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So Pepboys hires Mike Odell.....LMAO.

Looks like the big bottom feeding auto-sham retailer is about to try and become another Sears. Go to a Sears Automotive and then visit a Pepboys...see if the Sears Boy Odell isn't trying to follow his model of failure from Sears over to pepboys. This should be real funny. Well maybe he'll last longer than his former boss Jeff Rachor who only lasted 9 months and skimmed 17.2 million off the top. All while Pepboys employees are being laid off. Do these crooks have any conscious concerns about people?

Notorious for poor quality and very cheap parts.

If you take your car to Pepboys you will be sorry and your car will be even sorrier.

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I worked for a store and I've got to say that pepboys is destined for failure well maybe just the store I worked for .they have uneducated people that are getto and slumish as store managers that can't really own up to their job tittles LOL That have no sense of of management skills its realy scary to know this :zzz above all *** ELI


Actually, I've never been fired, I still work in the PB service department because in this economy it is extremely difficult to find another job.

As to Odell being escorted by police out of his office at Sears, I'd have paid to see that. :D


i was told that mr Odell was removed with a police escort from the sears office. we should do the same at pepboys, before all the good people are forced to leave.

he is ***. he is screwing everybody from the area directors down to the store level. we are just getting by with what we are getting paid now, and this greedy cow pie is taking money away from us. his commission plan has taken 5 dollars per hour out of our already *** pay.

in some cases that is 45% of our pay. and we are supposed to make it up with 2.5% out of a slow economy. i am so dissappointed with pepboys.

i was actually proud to work there. "our best assets, our employees" @#$% YOU PEPBOYS!!!


John and Gilroy are still *** and have been fired by pepboys. It gives me great pleasure to lie like you guys.

I can see why you guys are so addicted to making up stories it is kinda like a fantacy world. How long have you been dating?

Who is the man and who is the girl? Maybe you should move on like robin and chris have?


Once a again a bunch of losers talking about things that only they are listening to. Are you guys ***? You sure don't have a flippin life.


He did bring the Sear's model with him, as well as a few members of the board who brought their dealership business models onboard. Which is why they cut our pay in half and put us on a 2.5% commission, along with dual pricing in the stores between retail and service.

If the economy wasn't totally boned I would have already found a different job.

Irwin, Pennsylvania, United States #23248

LOL.....real innovative......bringing everything you did wrong at Sears to Pepboys. As if they aren't bad enough.

My car goes to the scrapyard before I'll ever let the "*** Boys" touch it.

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