Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Horrible!!!! I went to the Pep Boys on McKnight Rd.

in Pittsburgh, PA at 12:30PM on 10/1/12 with a slow leak in the a front tire. I was given a quote for a new tire and told the wait would be 1 hour. I got lunch, came back to the store. The Waiting Room was uninhabitable because the TV was on full volume.

I could not wait outside because a *** was on the Phone, LOUDLY, arranging clients. THREE HOURS LATER they got my car. The mechanic asked which tire. I said "Front passenger" He kept coming back and asking which tire.

(Apparently he could not comprehend what "Front Passenger" means.) Finally I walked to the car and put my hand on the tire and said "This one!". Then another mechanic ran up to him and started wrestling! They chased each other around the Shop like two School Boys, playing tag. When they were done the Mechanic forgot which tire had to be changed and asked me again.

It was now 4:30 PM, I had enough. I said "Take the car off the rack and give me the keys". I said that four times - finally SCREAMING - before I got my car back.

You need to hire ADULTS as mechanics! I will NEVER go back to Pep Boys again!

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