New Brunswick, New Jersey

Upper management wants employees to be a door mat and let everyone walk over them. The manager is horrible I believe his name is neil .

He treats the staff horrible I've even had him be rude to me. One time service was charging me extra for something I never said I wanted and when they called him over he said what . That's not even that serious. How does a man like this become a manager?

He is supposed to listen to the customers and clearly your staff messed up why do I have to pay for something I never asked for and he didn't let me pay for what I did want and leave I had to pay for everything I definitely will never return to that store or any other pep boys. THAT Has Not Been The Only Time I've Had An Altercation With This Man I Do Not Understand How He Is Still Working there. I also have friends who have had a horrible time visiting that store .

And when ever there's an issue the never want to deal with any of those manager especially that neil guy. I'm outraged and I believe someone needs to do something about it

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