Bartlett, Illinois
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Had 4 new tires installed. Installer said he had a problem with one tire.

4 weeks later, driving to my daughter's tutor, my van drops to the ground and I see the tire go flying past me. All the bolts were sheared off from apparent over-tightening. Had we have been on the highway, both of us and others could have been seriously injured or killed. They told us they would have to have it towed to their store for a report.

It is now 6 weeks later, I have no vehicle, and they have yet to rectify this issue. The installer mysteriously moved away after working on our vehicle and they continue to give us the run around. This is at the Larkin Avenue, Joliet store. They are making up stories and putting words into my mouth.

Every person we talk to has a different story. One day they are handling it, the next day they know nothing. Anyone that reads this must pass it on for the love and safety of all family and friends.

They are incredibly dangerous. Please pass along.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #620089

You can't drive a car missing a tire! your story is rediculous...are you african american?

to truth teller #621629

Where did you read driving without a tire? First learn how to read, then learn how to spell or, vice versa.

You must be the red neck installer that moved to Tennessee.


OOPS. Should be Jefferson Street store in Joliet, Ill., not Larkin. However, it is apparent the whole company is a mess regardless of location.

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