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I took my car to Pep Boys to get 2 new tires put on my car. I started getting talked into "if you purchase 4 tires, we offer a mail-in rebate on the fourth tire". Sounded simple enough and figured what the heck? I really need all new tires anyway and I can remember my sister doing it a few years ago. I paid for my tires and was told to mail my receipt and the form I fill out with all my basic info and mailed it in the same day.

I did this back in June and called 6 weeks later when I hadn't received my rebate back. Right away on the message it says ot could take like 8 weeks to process. Ok, I figured I had to wait just a little bit longer and see if it comes in. Weeks went by and I finally called back and spoke with a rep who was unable to pull up my information, meaning they didn't receive anything.

Really?! First off, why the *** do they not have any of my information when you contact the Pep Boys Mail-in Rebate number?? Doesn't make any sense they would have no ones info to show they did purchase 4 tires! They then proceeded to tell me that their must have been an issue with the postal service. That's funny because I mail out all my bills and online shop and receive everything and my bills get paid!

Just so happens this one thing was misplaced when i made sure everything was correct.

*** Pep Boys !

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We have two rebates pending for tires we purchased on two vehicles. The PepBoys rebate status info shows that both were approved, but neither were mailed, and it has been PAST 4 weeks since they were approved. I just phoned PepBoys rebate line for an update and was told that one card was mailed on Friday of last week, and the other was mailed yesterday (Wednesday). When I asked why their website shows neither was mailed, the customer service rep said he had no idea! I've NOT yet received either of the cards.

I was told that the cards are ONLY good for four months AFTER issued!!! That is NUTS!!!

I'm not impressed with the timeliness of their processing of rebates, NOR am I impressed with the fact that the "rebate debit" cards are ONLY valid for four months.

Overall, NOT impressed with PepBoys rebate service!

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