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Pep boys las vegas, Nv Charleston/Lamb. What a joke.

took my car in for radiator flush and clean, a week later my A/C goes out and temp gauge goes up, so i'm thinking thermostat but take it back to "the professionals" with their certificates hanging on the wall thinking they should know, so they change the frion in my A/C, they say come back on tuesday when our electrical guy gets here. ok, so monday i drive 3 miles to buy groceries and my temp gauge hits red then POP goes the radiator. i take it back to the Pep Boys and tell me i need new radiotor and thermostat, so my radiator flush and clean cost me over $500.00.

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND GOING TO PEP BOYS FOR SERVICE. BTW my car is a 2006 elantra that never overheated till i let these jokers work on it.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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and why did you need to go back to have the electrical guy look at it,, did your ELECTRIC cooling fans work. or was that what needed to be checked out..

and you drove it with and cooling fans causing it to over heat and damage the radiator...

i do my own repairs and i know if the fans dont work it will over heat.. also if the fans are not working your a/c will build up to much pressure on the high side and can blow off high pressure from a relief valve on most compressors causing a loss of freon

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