Ontario, California
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had rear brakes repaired at pep boys Chino Ca (should be *** boys) labor charges to r&r rear disc pads, parking brake shoes, calipers and grease seal $621.80 they added a extended warranty at $104.04 without asking or offering upon arrival extended warranty cost additional to excessive labor charge needless to say rear brakes cost me $1,117.00 had to pay the bill or they would of kept car and put a mechanic lean and sold. called around after receiving cost and the dealer was cheaper than pep boys, they have lost all of my business for life

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Wow, you really did get the *** ripped out of you. I got the brakes replaced on my truck for $392.00, including parts and labor.

Maybe it depends on the Pepboys for the labor charge. I know it's the same company-wide, but the people maybe just sit around for a while and wait, or take their lunch breaks and keep running up the charges. Next time you get your cars serviced from wherever, pay attention to your vehicle.

I can't speak for anyone else but every time my truck goes in for service, I stand by the window and watch them work...my truck has never been left alone for more than a couple minutes, and I'd like to think it's because I'm watching. That goes for both Pepboys, where I got my brakes replaced and will soon be getting my shocks replaced, and Precision Tune, where I usually get my oil changed.

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