Forest City, North Carolina
Not resolved

I came to Pep Boys to purchase two tires. First off, the guy had no record of the appointment I made.

Then he informed me that I could only have the new tires mounted on the rear because of some law. That's ridiculus. I went right down the road to another tire chain and got exactly what I wanted (with no hassle and cheaper).

I will absolutely never return to Pep Boys ever, and will wholly encourage friends to avoid them as well. I have had issues in the past with items not being fixed properly and with exhorbanant prices and I will not be back.

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As it sounds silly about the tire placement, this is recommended- don't blame your research first :cry


Actually they are 100 percent correct..there is a federal law requiring to install the best tires on the rear..if u want your fronts replaced you can get the fronts replaced but they will need to be rotated to the rears and your rears will rotate to complain about these companies since you cheap bastards never take appropriate care of your car and want everything for free..get a life and learn to stop complaining...follow the laws..obviously where they installed your tires in front was a lousy shop who is not aware of the safety of their least pep boys cared enough to not endanger your self


The same thing has happened in Chattanooga, TN. He looked a little nervous when I told him I worked for a local car dealership.

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