Fort Worth, Texas

On 6/1/13 I had the service dept, at Pep Boys give me an estimate for Inner Tie Rod Ends including Labor charges. They charge $101.00 per hour and told me each wheel would be 1.5 hrs.

The part was $78.00 and they did have only 2 in stock. The grand total estimate was over $500.00! I declined. Then I walked back to their parts counter and the gentleman found me a pair of PRO STEER on stock for $45.99 (stock #ES3607).

I bought the pair since it was cheaper than the $78.00 ones that service tried to dump on me.

I also went to my mechanic who only charges $75.00 per hour and told me the truth that the time for each wheel is only one hour not 1.5.

So, my labor charge was $150.00 and parts $99.57. Pep Boys was disloyal to me in this estimate.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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