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On July 10, 2011, I took my car to Pep Boys on Rt. 1 in Princeton, NJ to run a engine light check and brake check (both free services). A day later I got a call from them explaining what needed to be replaced in my car. The brake pads, rotors, drums all needed to be replaced, as well as a break line that was leaking. After telling me all this, I asked how much it would cost to fix, to which he replied 'about $470'. My car is only worth $1400 for a trade in, so I was on the fence about it, but decided to go for it. Big mistake!

I came back 3 days later, where I was presented with a bill for $1300. I proceeded to argue with the employees, getting different stories from each different person I was referred to. After 2 days of arguing with the manager, he referred me to the tech that I spoke to on the phone. Yes, you heard right, the manager referred me to someone that works under him. The tech retold his story, which was exactly what I remembered. When I asked him why he told me it would be $470, he replied, "that was just for the rear brakes, the rest of the repairs was another $730."

So then I spoke to the assistant manager (the manager had conveniently started his vacation by now), who refused to budge even though the tech had just admitted to giving me misleading information. I replied that I'd pay the $470 for the rear brakes and they can put all my old parts back into my car. However, the asst. manager then told me that (despite the transaction not having been completed) they had already thrown away my old parts, and that my only option was to pay them $1300 to get my car back.

Additionally, and less of a concern than what's written above, instead of installing standard brake pads, they installed the most expensive pads they had, along with calipers. Both of these things were unrequested by me and contributed to the overall price hike that they're trying to usurp me with.

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:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Ok first of's time you buy a newer car....$1400 car and you work at a law firm??- my yard truck is worth more than that second of all- why didn't you get the estimate in writing before the repairs started? BTW they do not have to keep your old parts unless you specifically request it, Did you expect the original repair to be free??? Sounds like you want something for nothing to me


Oh, I am. Conveniently, I work for a law firm. One of my lawyer friends is helping me out.


Not surprised. I work there.

Not in NJ but in another location. Unfortunately, this is SOP for our company. The stories I could tell!! All I can say is...

NEVER have your car fixed by Pep Boys. Warn your friends. You could also threaten Small Claims court. They are afraid of legal entanglements.

It might work for you. Good luck.

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