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I spent $2000 in having my car repaired. They claim they are the lowest but when I price match them they where a $1000 more then Firestone.

After a long hagle they final agree to the price match. Then they say that I need new brakes and I say are you going to *** me again or do I have to shop around on prices. They say yes they will match it. Then they do the work and say we will not match the price of anyone else.

WTF. I told them that what you claim and they said you already got us down on prices. so no.

They suck and are very slow. Dont use them they are a bait and switch company.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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When you go to a professional to get something done like pepboys ase certified mechanics they are going to do the job right with guarantee, its true they dont always have the lowest prices but they will beat anybodys price and even thats guaranteed every car needs work so your not the only one paying. They might not be perfect yet but they take customer satisfaction to the heart.

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