I have purchased tires for years at Big 10 tires even 4 already this year. One of the tires I purchased in May ended up with a nail.

I took it in to get it repaired and now that Pep Boys took over Big 10 tires, they will NOT do ANY patches as a service without charging $20! What a ripoff! I have spent thousands of dollars on tires at this store and now corporate conglomerate Pep Boys comes in and starts the customer no-service bit!

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM PEP BOYS! Stay away from this greedy company!

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If you have a Discount Tire just take it to them and they will fix your tire for free no matter where it came from. Pep Boys has the worst tires and road hazard warrenty's in the business.


$330 to replace a thermostat. Never again for me. They quoted me a price then bumped it by $100 overnight.


ONLY $20 for a patch?? I just had a flat repaired on my wife's car at Northwest, aka Firestone, and they charged $28 for the plug/patch.

The tyre is an original that came with the car. When you buy replacement tyres, always pay a few bucks extra and get their road hazard protection on each tyre. I do that on any I buy now and it comes in handy on the odd occasion I pick up a nail, etc. The last one I had repaired a few years ago cost $18.00 so the price had gone up considerably.

Oh, and pay no attention to the comment by "Cry Baby". The name says it all.


Thats how it is so get over it. Pay the money and shut up.

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