Pep Boys is a - If your are not mechanically inclined, then please insist on all of your information prior to a service. Also, be informed of your repair order without discretion.

Mechanics make a living based on what the know and how well they preform, thus making the environment very competitive. No business measns harm when they are trying to feed families, however... There are the few that make it harder for everyone. It is near impossible to explain the way timing advances on a D.O.H.C engine ( for instance) to the average consumer, so we all need to be aware of our own intellect pertaining to automobiles.

The hardships should never fall on a good mechanic. We are human, just like anyone else.

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A.S.E. tests are a joke and any *** who is good at taking a test can pass one. the issue is can he actually perform the work/tests required to fix the car.

a hypothetical question on a piece of paper is not a car.


Pep Boys hires anyone with an ounce of mechanical experience and calls them a "Mechanic". Have a pulse, you're a flat rater. They also hire "ASE Certified" Techs whose certifications have expired or have been non-existent in the first place.

I don't blame the flat raters - it's the philosophy of the company. I was a manager at Pep Boys, and just had to quit due to the ethical misappropriations of the company...

When you go anywhere for service, insist on only ASE Certified Technicians and demand to see their current certifications.

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