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Absolutely the WORST!!! Service brought car in to fix an vibration problem.

Service manger said a tune up would solve the problem. Charged me over $700.00 and I picked up car that same evening. Car stalled and vibration was just as bad as before. When I returned, Service manager claimed I needed to replace another part also and that would be an additional $200.00.

When I asked why he said the tune up wolud fix problem, he claimed I needed both. Huge scam!!!

Avoid at all costs or it will cost you big time!! Called Pep Boys main number, to date no resolution, just terrible.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #279724

I purchased a refurbished air compressor, a new condensor and freon from the Pep Boys in NJ. I moved to Florida within a week of the replacement and it didn't function on the drive down.

Just hot air poured out of my vents. Yuck. The freon was empty as well apparently. After 2 trips to the Pep Boys in W.

Palm Bch, they decided to completely replace the air compressor, the dryer, recharge the freon and I only had to pay for the labor. Not bad. I'm happy and chillin' in my car now.

Thanks to the manager Nick O. and mechanic Jose :)


In Regards to this matter, Customer brought a vehicle to be repaired that was stalling out would barely run and had vibration problem. A diagnostic was performed and results were that a vehicle had a multiple misfire which will cause a vehicle to have heavy vibration and will not run right.

After the tune-up was repaired the running condition was great vehicle was not stalling or shutting off,at a driving speed the vehicle had a vibration. Re-inspected found harmonic balancer bad. Unfortunately vehicle had two seperate issues with vehicle. Pepboys is not a Horrible place.

Just a customer that dosen't understand how a vehicle operates. As with a patient with cancer the doctor never says your completely healed there may be more problems.

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