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Apparently because of a bad fuel pump I took my car to Pep Boys in Naperville, IL. After paying for diagnostics they told me it could be either the fuel pump or the sensor for the pump. For replacing the sensor and the labor they were going to charge me $840. Before I agreed to start the work I examined the itemized paper work. Cleverly they put replacing the fuel pump with additional work which might be required. I asked the service manager, if after putting the sensor the car is operational, there is no need for replacing the fuel pump and therefore there should be no additional labor?

He tried to grab the paper work from me, and refused to do any work on my car. Any way I took my car to the dealership, and they did the required work for $512.00

DO NOT take your car to Pep Boys in the Naperville, IL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pep Boys Diagnostics.

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