Baltimore, Maryland

I took my car to pep Boys to get a free Brake Inspection, They had told me that I would need

new rear brakes, Master cylinder, two new tires, and to repak the barings. I t would cost $450.00 verbal estimate. No written estimate was given to me, they told me that my car would be done that friday.

I called it was not done now it would cost another $100.00. Then on Saturday I was told it would need a Mastercylinder and it would cost another $100.00.

I had to miss my mimi vacation with my son and he was disapointed. It was not right all customers should be given a written estimate, something to fall back on when this type of business likes to play around and not tell you the whole story.

Monetary Loss: $582.

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And now the service advisors are all on a commission.

They took money from the hourly wages, in most cases over five dollars, and then put in a 2.5% commission(1.5% on cornell tires).

How much do you think they embody the TRUST values program or the original Manny Moe and Jack vision now?


i have worked at several pepboys location in the baltimore wash. area over the 13 plus years i worked for them.

when i first started woking for pebos it wasn't bad. Then it got to the point were employees were not allowed to give out the corp. office phone # to cust. when they wanted it.

As a memeber of the mana. team I was told to make sure my evaluation of my employees were scored low so that managment as well as myself were able to get a raise.we were told to inflate our inventory during year end inventory so as to pay out the store manager a better year end bonus because it was paid on inventory influx. The biggest offender of this is the belair md. store.

commercial accts. were being charged for goods they never received. items were being charged to there accts. just to make the weekly sales figures, even though they never ordered said items.

i was instructed to credit items back a little at a time so not to through up any red flags. as a whole the company has taken a downward spiral since 1995 and I don't see a end in sight.

I left the company in 2004 because i couldn't deal with the way they were doning buisiness. it was against my morals.

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